At St Anne’s Church of England Primary School, children are invited to take part in worship on a daily basis.  Daily Worship follows the teachings of the Bible and Jesus and contributes to the social, spiritual and moral development of all our pupils.

Through Worship and the Christian aspects of the RE Curriculum, it is our aim to ensure that the children have an excellent knowledge of the life and person of Jesus and an understanding of the nature of God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We help the children to appreciate that the Holy Spirit is a gift that can help us in our daily lives and by demonstrating the fruits of the holy spirit, we can make our school a peaceful, happy and loving place in which to learn and grow.

We love to see wider family members join us in worship, and every Friday there is a special family worship where we celebrate the achievements of our children. There are services throughout the year where family members are openly invited to attend, such as the Christingle Service, Christmas Service, Easter Service and Leaver’s Service.

Throughout the week our children have a varied programme of key stage and whole school worship and is led by different people:

  • The Headteacher
  • Reverend Rod Bevan
  • The ‘Open the Book’ team
  • Our children
  • Ethos group
  • School staff
  • I Sing Pop



It is a blessing to see our children worship together and the joy can been seen on their faces!

You can read the school’s Collective worship policy here – Collective Worship Policy.

Collective worship takes place daily with different people leading.  It can be the headteacher, Rev Rod, I Sing Pop, Open the Book team, Ethos group or other children.  

Each half term, worship focuses on one of our school core values or the Church of England calendar e.g. Easter, Lent, Advent. 

Below are some snaps of Easter worship led by Mrs Webb and Rev Rod with pupils. 



Worship Songs

Below are some of our favourite worship songs.