School Meals

Dinner Money
Meals cost £12.00 per week, or £2.40 per day. Dinners can be booked and paid for using our online system, Parentmail.

Free School Meals
If you think you may be eligible for free school meals for your child then you just need to ring 01254 220711 and give them your National Insurance Number.

School Meals are Great!
Meal times are considered to be an important part of every child’s personal and social development and we strongly advise a school meal which are cooked on site – they are very good and a credit to our kitchen staff. The children are cared for in the hall and playground by our welfare staff and good manners are expected at all times.
We operate a ‘menu ordering’ system where the children choose their own meals in advance. This has proved very successful with the majority of the children completing their order forms in class. However, on request, forms can be sent home to be completed and then returned to school. Take a look at the sample menu.

Sample menu

Children who have sandwiches have the same lunchtime and also eat in the school hall. We do not allow drinks to be sent to school unless they are part of a packed lunch. Please do not send fizzy drinks or any glassware, just fruit juice etc. Chocolate and sweets are also not allowed but yoghurt tubes / cartons, or fruit should be sent instead. The children play out in the yard before or after lunch and are fully supervised.

Fruit Scheme
Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to free fruit that they are offered every morning at playtime.

Drinks and Snacks
Milk is provided for Infant Classes. As this is funded from the County Education budget, a contribution of £15 per term is required unless your family is entitled to free school meals, in which case you must apply to the authority for exemption by ringing 01254 220711 quoting your National Insurance number. To register for school milk you can go online at or pick up a form from school and post it to FREEPOST COOL MILK.

Junior children are asked to bring fresh fruit only if they want to eat a mid-morning snack. Fruit is provided free of charge to Infant children. Water is always available throughout the school day.