Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL)

At St Anne’s we are improving our play times for our pupils.  As a school we have committed to the 18 month school improvement programme to ensure that each child has an enjoyable play time.

Our pupils, staff and parents have been consulted so we have their opinions on play times currently. An action plan is in place with a play team consisting of various members of our school community (teachers, teaching assistants,welfare, governor, parent).


Local companies have already support St Anne’s with providing resources for our children to play with such as tyres, sand, carpets, tubes etc.  Thank you to them!

Keep an eye out on out play grounds for improvements and ask your child about them too.


Some of the benefits of the OPAL are:


When children’s fundamental needs are not met their behaviour suffers. OPAL schools meet their play needs, resulting in a huge reduction in playtime and post-playtime behaviour issues.Find out more


By giving senior leaders more time to lead, and teachers more time to teach we estimate OPAL schools are getting back £3,000 to £5,000 worth of time per year.Find out more


OPAL provides all of the policies, planning and evaluation tools to improve wellbeing through play, keeping your children and OFSTED happy.FInd out more

DEVELOP SKILLSIf your playtimes look like a rich laboratory of creative expression, where every child is supported by knowledgeable staff to endlessly create and challenge themselves, you probably don’t need us. If not then get in touch.Find out more