Our Nursery

Our school nursery is very much a part of everyday school life and an integral part of our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit. Nursery and reception class are in one building ‘EYFS’ with access to all areas through timetabled, planned, continuous provision throughout the day.

Children can attend nursery for the morning session (9-12) , afternoons (12-3) or both.  There is provision for children to enjoy lunch and spend the full day in nursery.  We take part in the 15 or 30 free hour government schemes.

Being part of our school, our Nursery class is taught by an Early Years teacher, a full time teaching assistant level 3 and other support staff all of whom have been trained within the education system specifically for this role. Our aim is to give children the very best start in life by providing the best possible environment, staff and resources. This includes a well resourced and contained outdoor learning space.

Our Nursery has access to all school facilities and the children have opportunities to interact with other pupils in the Early Years setting as they develop and extend their learning through play. Our priorities at St Anne’s enable our children to have enjoyable and successful ‘early years’ in the belief that the foundations of learning are embedded in order for the children to progress through school.

The standards our children reach by the end of Early Years are above national average.

The EYFS curriculum is taught on a two year cycle to incorporate learning in the whole unit for nursery and reception to avoid repetition and to ensure learning is progressive.

The long term curriculum overview for EYFS can be viewed below. Please contact school if you would like more details on the areas of learning.

EYFS (Nursery and Reception) Curriculum Plan Cycle 1

Extended Nursery Care

We also offer extended care in the nursery for morning and afternoon sessions.

The cost for an additional 3 hour session is £9.50 (wherever possible, please make payment via the Parentmail app).

Voucher scheme payments are accepted.